Top 10 Must-See Sights in Lake Sebu

Any person who've travelled to Lake Sebu would surely say that there's so much more this serene lake attraction can offer - with still hundreds of undiscovered and unexplored places that are worth mentioning. While some of it is either still not offered to the general public, some are simply difficult to reach. In the meantime, I will share some of the must see-places in Lake Sebu a traveller shouldn't miss.

1. Falls 2 of Seven Falls
Falls 2 of Seven Falls (image from allan barredo)

2.  Lake Seloton
Lake Seloton (image from Ferdz Decena)
3. Ta'Henatal | Pulang Lupa
Lake Sebu as seen from the mountains of Pulang Lupa

 5. Lake Sebu Church

Floating Kubo of Punta Isla Resort
8. T'boli Museum
inside T'boli Museum

9. Falls 1 of Seven Falls
Falls 1 of Seven Falls
10. T'boli tribe
T'boli women


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  3. Hi there, who can I contact regarding the Tinalak weaving video?

    PLease let me know.



  4. lake 2 is where a beauty queen died recently. what measures should the government do to avoid accidents like that in the future...