Punta Isla Resort

Taking their motto "Where life blends with nature" by heart, Punta Isla Resort plays a major lead towards promoting Lake Sebu as a South Cotabato's prime eco-tourism destination. It has been hosts to several local TV travel shows in the Philippines such as Living Asia Channel and Rated K to name a few.
Punta Isla Resort Entrance
Photos taken inside

Punta Isla Resort Floating Resto

Punta Isla Massage House

VIP rooms, family room and dormitory type rooms

The resort also offers Boating trip for a fee.

Meals Served
Here are some tasty meals they offer: nilasing na tilapia, spicy tilapia fillet, tilapia vegetable, kinilaw na tilapia, sizzpling tilapia with brown sauce, tilapora, chicharong tilapia, pinaputok na tilapia, sinugba na tilapia with atchara, laswa na tilapia, sinangay na tilapia, tilapia vegetable with zepo guisado, hototay soup, pinakbet ng punta isla

Located 600 meters away from the town of Lake Sebu, Punta Isla is a great place to stay, eat or simply enjoy a relaxing view by the lake.

Contact Punta Isla Resort
Mobile: +639194852910
Landline: (083)8260962
email: puntaisla@gmail.com
website: www.puntaislaresort.webs.com
facebook page: www.facebook.com/pages/PUNTA-ISLA-RESORT/124004170953442


  1. I have been to lake sebu and it is a peaceful place to visit and enjoy. The live tilapia by the roadside when grilled or steamed taste sweet. It is a nice place to retire to and write a novel or two. Oneday I like to go back and meet some very friendly people.

  2. Lake sebu is a lake high up in the mountains. It is a lake known for sweet tasting tilapia (not sugary of course) which sometimes one tilapia would be more than a kilo. The people are friendly and helpful. I joined a group that rented a big boat (P400?) for I think more than 20 people. The circling of the lake took about an hour or so. In the middle is the crocodile island which is shaped like a crocodile. But actually there are no crocodiles in the lake at all. The "worst" to see maybe a 3 inch lizard or a six inch gecko locally known as "tuko."

  3. It is funny to me that the locals there with me never tire of eating tilapia. We were served lunch in the restaurant and all served were tilapia (no pork, beef or shells) and all were eaten up with no left overs.

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