While Lake Sebu’s endearing charm is partly due to its tranquil natural beauty, tourists are also captivated by the ethnic vibe of the local T’boli Tribe.

The T’boli Tribe is an indigenous tribe living in the highlands of Lake Sebu in South Cotabato in the Southern part of the Philippines.

The t’boli people believe in many Gods, their high regards with the spirits of nature is very much evident in their way of living.

One hears a T’boli maiden approaching by the tinkling of her little brass bells adorning her belt, bracelets and anklets. Her finery is typical of daily wear as the gracious T’boli is known for her elegant ways despite a simple lifestyle.

The tribe’s culture is very much connected with nature, inspired by its natural environment, their dances mimicks those acts made by animals like monkeys and birds.

Because of the ancient art of t’nalak weaving, which is very much recognized worldwide, the T’boli tribe made its distinctive mark in the field of the culture and arts. The T’nalak fabric made from abaca fibers is very much respected and is considered as a sacred cloth, woven by gifted T’boli women famously known as the Dreamweavers.

Watch the video below to see how t’boli dreamweavers work on their t’nalak